What does “Bianca e Nero” mean?

A: Bianca e Nero is Italian for black and white. It represents the belief system of our agency. Our approach is grounded in Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang, embracing the need for a symbolic relationship between opposites in order to create perfect balance. In our case, those opposites are strategy and creativity.

Q: What makes Bianca e Nero different from a traditional advertising agency?

A: We are a creative consortium, which means we are structured differently. Gone is the old and outdated full time employee business model, which is a model that actually encourages agencies to move slower and overstaff accounts just to make more money. Bianca e Nero operates under a whole different model, one free from the constraints of high overhead, lavish offices and legions of staff salaries—basically the things that drive agencies to charge more and do less. We are a permanent staff of one, and customize a core team based on size, complexity and scope of each specific project. By keeping the team small we can get to better solutions faster.

In addition to our more efficient structure, combining strategic and creative thinking allows us to bring a stronger understanding to the table from the outset of the project and delivering better business thinking.

What is a creative consortium?

A: A creative consortium is a group of experienced, independent, marketing specialist. We are all accomplished professionals—who are all strategic as well as creative thinkers—focused on solving tough marketing challenges in innovative yet effective ways. This structure gives Bianca e Nero the flexibility to customize a team around each client’s needs. We can be as big or as small as we need to be. Unlike traditional agencies, we are not limited to the talents and experience of the people an agency has on staff.

Why does Bianca e Nero work with small to mid-size companies?

A: It’s not so much the size of a client we are interested in, but their willingness to embrace innovative solutions that push the envelope of today’s advertising and marketing world. We find small and mid-size clients are more willing to do this. They are entrepreneurial in spirit, because there is so much more at stake. Their smaller budgets need to work harder, so they must be more creative in their marketing approach. It’s less about eye candy and more about capturing the consumers’ hearts, minds and loyalty. Our clients understand how important it is to build a solid relationship with customers, and they realize getting their marketing message noticed is an integral part of doing so.

I see a lot of non-traditional approaches, on your site, ones that we could never do—like a police officer being chased by a goat. Does the agency do any “normal” work?

A: We are a strategic and creative agency, so we never come to the table with any preconceived notions of what the solution should be, how it should look or how we should attack the marketing problem. Every project begins with an agreed upon set of goals that must be achieved for the project to be successful. The success of any communication comes down to how well you understanding your target audience, and we spend a large amount of our time getting to know your customers. Once we have that insight, the sky is the limit for how we reach them, and yes, sometimes that means putting a goat chasing a police officer in an ad (which was taken directly from one officer’s actual experience) to demonstrate the subtle nuances of the end user’s daily life.