Ohlson Lavoie Collaborative / Capabilities Brochure

Ohlson Lavoie Collaborative is a Denver-based architectural firm who takes pride in exceeding their clients’ expectations, which sometimes requires achieving the impossible. During our examination of their culture, work ethics and approaches to solving their clients’ problems, we came across a phrase the firm was using internally but one they didn’t embrace with clients or prospects. The phrase, “Client Centered Creativity,” effectively captured the essence of the firm and became the company’s positioning and battle cry. We saw the firm’s approach to their craft as a real point of difference, and it deserved a unique treatment. We decided to tell the story more in words than pictures—a bold approach for such a visual industry. OLC also needed the flexibility to add recently completed projects, which we solved by creating separate project booklets that could be used stand-alone or as inserts into the capabilities piece.