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Our philosophy is simple: ask questions that will lead to something great. After all, a great process means nothing if you don’t uncover something meaningful that guides us to something unique about the company and then opens up inspiring and magical marketing solutions. Let’s look closer.



Listen/Learn—Dare to find out what people think.

Bianca e Nero doesn’t have a locked-in set formula for information gathering. We employ a fluid discovery process allowing us to individualize our solutions for every client. Our sole mission is to learn everything we can, which means learning everything about your target audience too—where they live, work and play. We walk in their shoes for a while to figure out the best way to gather information. This might come from group discussions, one-on-one interviews, reviewing existing research, surveys, or a combination of all of these methods to better connect with your audience. Getting to the information we need sometimes requires thinking low-tech rather than high-tech. We gather intelligence by talking with board members, management, staff, existing customers, potential customers, and even competitors. The goal here is to get to the truth. To get there, we ask lots of questions.

Think—Dare to tell the truth.

This is where we formulate our marketing strategy. It can be as simple (and as difficult) as reviewing/analyzing the research findings and boiling them down to something unique to say. OK, this is the hard part, because it is often extremely elusive. But we know somewhere in all the research and information gathering lives that one true nugget to which your organization may lay claim. Our goal is to find that truth and turn it into something powerful. The strategy should focus on drawing conclusions and be forward in its thinking. This strategy will become a launching pad for the “big idea.” No shortcuts will be taken.

Create and Launch—Dare to create the most relevant, original story possible.

This is what it’s all about. This is our opportunity to bring to bear everything we’ve learned to date and carefully shape it into a powerful, impactful idea that could redefine, refocus or even reinvent your organization. The right idea could make a huge impact. We need to keep our nerve, be strong and have the courage to pursue the unconventional idea. Your campaign shouldn’t look like anyone else’s in your category. This whole effort is about differentiating your organization from the pack and reaching new audiences. Be brave. This should be fun, in a sweaty palm sort of way.

Dare to find out if we were right.

Are people moved by your new campaign? Are they seeing you differently? Engaging you more? Has there been an increase in your bottom line? Have your website hits increased? Has your audience broadened? Let’s find out. Let’s measure the results against the goals established in our strategy. Let’s ask the tough questions. If it turns out, after evaluating the effectiveness of the marketing effort, we need to fix something, then by all means let’s fix it—even if that means going back a few squares. If everything is all good then by all means, pop the champagne. We all deserve it.







Every company has the potential to capture the hearts and minds of consumers/customers/end-users resulting in loyal, often lifelong relationships. Because every company has a little secret that makes it unique from its competitors.

At Bianca e Nero, our job is to uncover your company’s secret and make it known to as many potential customers as possible. This secret is your “brand essence,” which is part of your “brand values” and what allows you to connect with your customers in an honest and meaningful way. The trick is to ask as many questions as possible and distill all that complex information down to a simple solution and marketing message. For companies bold enough to look deeper to uncover the essence of their brand and share it with the public, the result is a stronger brand and deeper connection with their customers. Learn more