Final Eyes / Direct Mail

While having coffee with the owner of Final Eyes, our agency’s long time proof reading resource, she expressed interest in wanting to land new business, especially with other advertising and design firms. The challenge of addressing our peers piqued our interest. The results of our research shocked us. We found that few people actually use proofreaders. Instead, they rely on the accuracy of client-supplied copy, task it to less than qualified people or even place blind faith in spell check.

This got us thinking about how costly even small typos can be—not just in terms of the time it takes to fix them, but also the harm to the professional reputations of both the firm and their client. We created a lighthearted, long copy poster that addresses the potential risks of relying on poorly proofed copy. To reinforce the personal nature of Final Eyes services, Judith hand delivers each package which includes: a poster and a pencil (with name and contact info). The oversized tube is also part of our “this problem can’t be ignored any longer” strategy.

It turns out even the most jaded and cynical group of people we know, our fellow creatives, can be persuaded to change behavior if the argument is convincing enough. Judith’s phone has been ringing with new jobs from the first tube she delivered.