Children’s Future International

INDUSTRY: Nonprofit providing education and well-being programs to Cambodian youth

LENGTH OF ENGAGEMENT: February 2013–September 2013

SCOPE OF WORK: Rebranding, research, marketing strategy, new positioning, fundraising collateral, overview video and website development

PROJECT OVERVIEW: Children’s Future International is an organization focused on serving the poorest and most vulnerable children in the Ek Phnom District of Cambodia’s Battambang Province. It was established in 2009 by founding partners who were moved by the plight of the area children facing not only hunger and poverty, but also the very real risk of human trafficking. Like so many international nonprofits, the Children’s Future tone and approach was focused on the desperate situation of these children. In 2010, Children’s Future opened their Learning Center. Funding came mostly from those closely associated with the founders and was based on supporting them in their passions. But, in just a few short years, it reached the point where they needed to strengthen their fundraising to expand their facilities. For help they turned to Bianca e Nero.

We knew that the success of the new brand look and messaging would hinge on our ability to instill confidence in potential new donors in the organization itself and the results they were achieving.

After researching other NGOs in the area, we discovered two things: first, there were a lot of them in Cambodia, but most focused on a single issue such as ending trafficking, providing basic education, women’s health care, etc., and second, their sites all looked pretty similar with main images of impoverished kids looking either happy or sad. Additional digging (including a number of Skype sessions with the co-founder working on-site in Cambodia) revealed a distinct difference in the Children’s Future approach. They focused on providing for the whole child, not just a single need. We also uncovered a strong level of support they provided to both the children at the Learning Center—and the community. Our job was to find a way to tell this unique story.

We began by shifting the focus of their story to make it about the Learning Center and not the organization or its founders. This provided a platform for sharing the stories of the children themselves and the huge, positive effect their being at the Learning Center has on them in building hope and in their realizing previously untapped abilities and talents.

While the new materials still provide the information donors need to make an informed decision, they are also visually impactful, emotional and positive. The design is intentionally more story-like than informational, which serves to create a strong emotional connection with potential supporters from their first impression. The root concept represents the dual ideas of the depth of Children’s Future’s commitment to providing opportunities for these children and their community, and the support each child is given to learn, to grow and to just be a kid.

RESULTS: The new brand image has created a buzz among those familiar with Children’s Future and with those just learning about them and their work. It has positively set them apart in the world of international NGOs and nonprofits, and the increase in donations is proof positive that people like what they see.