Laser Technology, Inc.

INDUSTRY: Laser Measurement and Traffic Safety Electronics
LENGTH OF ENGAGEMENT: Ongoing client since 2003; Rebranding project began late 2009

SCOPE OF WORK: Market research, marketing strategy, identity package, print ads, banner ads, and interactive capabilities brochure with carrier

PROJECT OVERVIEW: Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI) is a leader in creating powerful, affordable reflectorless laser measurement tools for professional use. After hiring Bianca e Nero to develop a highly successful international launch for their first new products in over a decade and turning to us again for a second new product launch two years later, LTI then looked to us to develop a new 2010-2011 marketing strategy for the company. We began the process in early 2009 with a thorough examination of the company, their products, their sales process and the end users. We began internally and interviewed everyone from the receptionist to the CEO. Then we did the same for their outside sales staff and the dealers who carry their products. LTI didn’t have any existing user data, so we created an online survey to gather that information. What we found from all this research was, despite making the best products in the industry, there wasn’t an understanding of the people who use them.

Our first task was to create profiles of the end user in each of their five vertical markets: forestry, mining, GIS/GPS, utilities and traffic safety. These are designed to help all LTI employees, from salespeople to product engineers, understand the people who use their products every day. This understanding was then translated into an integrated sales campaign. The work focused less on the specifics of the products themselves and more around the idea that LTI understands what their customers deal with in their jobs and therefore designs products that ensure ease and accuracy on the job. Materials were created for each vertical market and include print ads, a user-guide style booklet and an interactive electronic brochure. Since LTI’s products are created for fieldwork, which 99 percent of the time means taking measurements outdoors, we recommended loading the digital brochure onto a USB flash drive housed in an LTI-branded Swiss Army knife and attaching it to the booklet with a carabiner.

RESULTS: The materials began hitting the market at the end of 2010. Hard data has not yet been collected, but the salespeople have seen an increase in interest and customers coming to them with a better base knowledge about LTI products.