The First Tee of Denver / Collateral

This piece is part of a larger image and awareness campaign we developed for The First Tee of Denver. The organization needed something they could give to people when they made group presentations or had one-on-one meetings. The one sheet they were using wasn’t overly effective in communicating the true scope or power of the programs they offered. This made it difficult to get people to take the next step of signing their kid up or pledging money to support the organization.

This new piece utilizes the visual images from the overall campaign concept to establish the idea that the kids who participate learn so much more than just golf skills, they learn skills that help them succeed even away from the course. The unique fold of the piece subtly plants the idea that this program is a bit different, and it allows us to present all the various aspects of what The First Tee of Denver offers without overwhelming people with one big chunk of information.