Laser Technology, Inc. / Rebranding

Research, branding, positioning, ID package, ad campaigns, interactive brochure, trade show booth, micro site and corporate video

Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI) is a leader in professional laser measurement tools. After handling two highly successful international launches for them, LTI turned to us to develop a new 2010-2011 marketing strategy for the company.

A thorough examination of the company, their products, their sales process and the end users helped us provide all LTI employees, from salespeople to product engineers, an understanding of the people who use their products every day. This understanding was then translated into an integrated sales campaign centered less on the specifics of the products. Instead, we focused on the idea that LTI understands the stuff their customers deal with out in the field, which allows them to design products that ensure ease and accuracy on the job. Materials were created for each vertical market and include print ads, a user-guide style booklet and an interactive electronic brochure. Since LTI’s products are created for fieldwork, which 99 percent of the time means taking measurements outdoors, we printed the brochure on durable, weatherproof materials and attached a carabiner.