LTI 30th Anniversary / Integrated Marketing Campaign

Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI) was celebrating 30 years in business and wanted to make a big deal about it, so they gave our agency a call.

Bianca e Nero has worked with LTI for more than 15 years, so we have a deep understanding and infinity for the company and its history. With the 30-year anniversary, we saw a unique opportunity to focus on one very important element in the company’s success—their customer. The resultant campaign strategy was to create a yearlong celebration that was a “Thank You” to the customers. Elements included branding strategy, executional concept, corporate identity, marketing materials, trade show booth and micro website.

The idea was to host pop-up parties, including complimentary food and beverages, in 10 to 15 key cities and invite customers, potential customers and anyone else connected to LTI’s success. These were designed to be social gatherings with the only sales connection being signage and a display of packaging featuring the LTI 30th Anniversary logo.

In addition to the pop-up parties, the company’s top brass and key staff made calls to every single customer to thank them for choosing LTI equipment. Each customer they talked with had their name added to a drawing where prizes of all sizes were randomly given away, including the chance to attend one of the parties anywhere the winner chose. The goal was for every customer to win something as a token of their appreciation. This was wrapped around a campaign that featured the “It’s our birthday, but you get the presents.” message.

Along with the overarching campaign theme, marketing strategy and executional concept, Bianca e Nero created a 30th anniversary logo, themed collateral materials and a microsite where customers could learn more about Laser Technology and its rich history, register to win prizes, find out where and when the pop-up parties would be happening, play trivia and more. The 30th anniversary celebration was also included at the company’s domestic and international trade show booths.

While not designed to generate measurable sales, the campaign was a complete success in terms of building good will with LTI customers and dealers. Customers were blown away that LTI would go to such lengths to show appreciation for the people who have bought and used the company’s products over the years. Salespeople have also reported hearing even potential customers mention the campaign.