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Nursing Home Quality (NHQ) came to us with a desire for a full rebranding of their company, including a new name. The existing name was based on the company’s lone product, which is a software solution designed to help nursing homes meet or exceed the latest regulatory guidelines of the Quality Indicator Survey (QIS), the federal government’s recently revised assessment program. While NHQ has been successful in establishing themselves as the QIS experts, the owners were looking for a way to realize their wider vision of delivering a variety of top-level solutions for care providers beyond just those in the nursing home industry.

We began with a thorough dissection of the company, their competitors and their desired target audience of health care providers. The understanding we developed through our comprehensive research phase enabled us to align the company’s vision with the thought process of the target audience. From there we developed a comprehensive branding document, which defined the value of the company’s brand; outlined a brand strategy including a positioning statement and a definition of the brand essence; and set guidelines for creative expression of the brand. The branding document laid out the roadmap for all the work to follow.

After exploring and selecting a new name for the company—Providigm—we embarked on the simultaneous development of a new logo and a corporate mission statement. In our attempt to craft the mission statement, something interesting happened—we struggled with unifying our knowledge of the company’s beliefs and the typical structure of a corporate vision. Despite attacking the mission statement from a variety of directions, we were always left feeling like it just wasn’t right for the company. Finally, inspiration struck and we replaced the standard corporate mission statement with a set of guiding principles that truly embraced the way the company worked. The concept of using guiding principles in place of a mission statement was immediately embraced by the client. It also led to our creating a website concept that features case studies about Providigm products driving client success as well as case studies about the process the company goes through in developing their products. This unique approach will create a sense of transparency between Providigm and their target market by inviting them into the inner thoughts and workings of the company. It will also allow the audience to draw their own conclusions about how different the company is.

RESULTS: The client is thrilled about the way the new name and logo encapsulate both the high-tech nature of their work and the visionary spirit of their company. The whole staff has been energized by the company’s new brand, and they proudly embrace the guiding principles as a badge of honor and a credit to their dedication to excellence. With the concept set, development on the new website is progressing at full force.