T&T Custom Tailor Shop / Website

Our goal was to give the small but ambitious business T&T Custom Tailor Shop a brand personality, corporate identity system and website that matched their level of aspiration.

The tailoring business is mostly dominated by those that “dabble” in tailoring: grandmothers, friends from church, the nice lady from down the street and the neighborhood dry cleaners, who in their spare time double as a tailor shop.

During our research, almost every person we spoke with had a horror story they were eager to share. Their experiences ranged from one leg length being shortened more than the other, the extra material from a suit jacket being removed (a major problem if the jacket ever needs to be let out), wrong buttons added to a blouse, and the list goes on and on.

Our strategy was to help those in need of tailoring to look a little deeper into what it takes to handle even what seems to be a simple tailoring job. And with it, convince those who wear exclusive or expensive garments that no matter how high-end the garment or how well known the designer, it is still off the rack and nothing fits like a custom garment, especially when it is Private Label by Truc Tran.

The result of the rebranding has already made a major impact on the shop’s business. Just the redesigned logo and cards alone are helping them gain traction and getting the word out about T&T Custom Tailoring Shop. ttcustomtailoredclothing.com