Sazza Manifesto / Reason for Being and Menu Redesign

The good folks over at Sazza pizza eatery contacted us because they felt something was missing. After several conversations with them, it became clear they were right. Their purpose or reason for being hadn’t been told. We spoke with longtime customers, and none had any idea how committed the eatery is to being more than just a place for good pizza and salads. We set out to answer one question: “Who is Sazza?” The answer: they are an extremely earth-friendly restaurant that not only recycles their glass, plastic, aluminum and paper, but their glasses are recycled wine bottles and the mismatched silverware is all donated from their customers’ kitchen drawers. They use local growers and suppliers, and use certified organic ingredients. We felt this was a story worth telling, so we reworked their menus to give the story a place to live and fill people in on the big secret in a very Sazza-like manner.