Providigm / Thank-You Card

When long-time client Providigm gave us a call about developing a thank-you card, we couldn’t help but get excited.

It turns out they were looking to create a piece that would serve a dual purpose. First, they wanted to celebrate the success of their company over the years. They also wished to thank their customers for helping to transform the nursing home industry and the quality of care through their use of abaqis, Providigm’s quality management software.

The client wanted to achieve all of this in a non-chest-pounding way. The info graphic style seemed like a perfect solution that would help keep people reading. It also answered our challenge to find a fun way to showcase a multitude of milestones that would make them engaging and easy to digest.

The card spotlights pertinent facts such as the amount of paper being saved by using their online software and the number of lives that have been improved over the years, plus a bunch of others, but it doesn’t take these facts too seriously.

Results: The client was extremely pleased with the customer feedback the card generated. Many customers felt they learned a few things about Providigm and proudly displayed the card in their office or workspace for others to read.