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Bilingual Campaigns

Vasectomy Campaign

Outreach Campaign

This client came to us with a unique challenge: bring up the touchy subject of vasectomies with metro Denver-area men between the ages of 30–45. We did a bit of research and found out that men in general are pretty uninformed about the procedure and recovery, and have a general level of discomfort with not only talking about it, but also with the idea of having someone cutting in “that area.” Armed with a better understanding of what we were up against, a clear strategy began to take shape.

First, our approach needed to address some of the more prominent questions/misnomers these guys had, including recovery time, would things still work the same, will it hurt when going to the bathroom, etc. Second, we needed a tone that would allow them to let their guard down long enough for our message to reach them. Third, we had to be honest in our approach and not preach to them like many PSAs do.

We decided a bit of a tongue-in-cheek approach would be perfect to help smooth initial acceptance of the subject matter. In addition, we strategically used media that would allow the audience to absorb the message without calling attention to themselves. We focused on bus shelters and bus interiors near the clinics where the bulk of the procedures would be performed, which is also where a large chunk of our target audience lives.

We also created postcards for easy distribution between people and that are easy to transport to events. As a mobile solution, we proposed custom water bottles that could be handed out by street teams where large groups of guys in our target can be found.

The campaign is just starting to hit the streets, but it is already generating a buzz within the Denver community.