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Marketing Materials/Collateral

Elevation Community Land Trust (ECLT) was ready to introduce its newly created Doors program. This is a program designed to help reduce the home ownership gap that exists with people of color by offering them a hefty down payment toward a new home along with other incentives/programs when bundled provides more buying power on the open Denver market.

They reached out to Bianca e Nero to help them create awareness for the program and tell their story to attract more home buys that fall within the Doors program eligibility range, which is mostly younger, college-educated professionals, women and single moms working in education, nursing, etc., who are hard-working but priced out of the expensive Denver housing market.

The concept the agency landed on would redefine independence day, making it personal and tied to the day they bought their own home. connecting with those who thought homeownership was out of reach but, in fact, attainable with the Doors program.

We wanted the campaign to stand out from the sameness of the endless sea of organizations trying to reach the BIPOC community using the same approaches—people holding keys or posing with an entire family on the steps or front lawn—which doesn’t address the many issues the audience has. We sought to use people in the campaign who could be the audience. We wanted to make an emotional connection showing them it is possible to get a home they want that meets all of their family’s needs.

The campaign needed to be as visible as possible to get the word out. The media buy consisted of transit boards, a website landing page, brochures for the realtors to introduce the program, radio spots and lastly, direct mail mailed to apartment complexes with the highest concentration of those in our target audience. We wanted to reach them where they live and drive home our message of homeownership equals freedom to paint the walls any color you want, ending the endless rising cost of renting and truly making their place their own.