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Laser Technology, Inc.

Marketing Research/Integrated Marketing Campaign

When it was time to refresh the overarching consumer and business-to-business campaigns for long-time client Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI), their wish list for the project was anything but simple and straightforward: “Make the campaign flexible enough to work across all three of the company’s divisions and to be felt across all of our marketing elements; and lastly, it needs to work not only here in North America but translate to our international markets as well.”

After holding several meetings to better define the desired outcomes for the project and after finalizing some market research, we determined the campaign concept needed to spark the end-users’ imagination so it would peak their interest and provide a promise of what LTI products can do. We determined the elements in the campaign would be: trade show booth design, videos for each division, collateral and packaging.

With that in mind, we set out to tell the bigger story about the company and its products. We focused the messaging around versatility, which is the true strength of the products LTI makes. Since their laser measurement products are used out in the field, telling the story through images felt like a natural solution.

In an industry where most companies are product focused and feature close-up shots of people using their equipment, we figured utilizing graphic and iconic imagery would help the campaign stand out and be much more interesting.

Results: People have been drawn to the storytelling aspect and the unique graphic style. LTI has received a lot of positive feedback including comments such as, “We didn’t know any unit could perform in all those conditions with such accuracy.” The client is extremely happy, and the jump in inquiries and sales is further proof the campaign is reaching its target.