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Research : Marketing Campaign is a clearinghouse website for all things for young, Jewish families in the Denver/Boulder area. Users can find Jewish-focused organizations, events, classes, Hebrew schools, etc. also sweetens the pot by offering discounts for many of the offerings, which makes it even easier for families to participate. The organization was looking for a strategic and creative partner to help them better connect and attract a rapidly shifting audience. Bianca e Nero was selected to handle the project after a very competitive RFP process.

We knew from the outset that understanding would be the key to better communicating with present and future members. During our discovery phase, we uncovered just how much the Jewish community is changing. In increasing numbers Jews are drifting from the core of their faith as well as marrying non-Jews; yet they do consider themselves Jewish. This new definition of what it means to be Jewish caused past marketing messages to miss the mark in a big way.

Our explorations told us the answer to solving this marketing problem could be found in getting to the essence of what it means to be Jewish: It’s more than a religion—it’s about tradition, culture, faith and the deep-rooted values that are at the heart of Judaism. We found that even with the changing nature of being Jewish, these teachings stay with you.

To effectively connect with’s core target audience of Jewish families with children 0-5 years of age, we created a campaign that connected the importance of parents exposing their children to the positive values inherent in Jewish experiences with the milestones of a child’s life. We also overhauled their social media strategy to encourage greater member engagement and sharing of experiences with others, outlined an approach to make the website more user-friendly, and provided recommendations for an awareness-generating PR campaign.

RESULTS: The newly launched integrated marketing campaign is gaining traction among young, Jewish families in the Denver/Boulder area and giving them a reason to take a closer look at