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Catering Brochure

When longtime pizza restaurant client Sazza made the decision to branch out and offer catering services, they gave us a call. From the outset, we knew the solution had to continue to tell the restaurant’s story of using only organic ingredients and being as friendly to the planet as possible.

We landed on a truly unique idea centered on taking recycling to a whole new level. We proposed printing the catering message on materials which might otherwise end up simply as waste—the inside of discarded cereal boxes. We got customers involved by asking them to donate their empty cereal boxes. Sazza’s owners took the effort viral by offering their Facebook followers a discount for bringing in empty cereal boxes. Sazza’s customers rose to the challenge with more than 200 boxes in just a few weeks.

The approach has created quite a buzz among both traditional and new media, and has definitely differentiated the restaurant in the highly competitive landscape of catering.