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The Bank

Water Division / Collateral

These two pieces are part of a larger rebranding campaign we created for The Bank. The Water Division was in need of a brand identity. The current messaging was not connecting with their customers. It was not communicating the deep understanding the bank has in rural infrastructure and water. The “Because of water” campaign provided the bridge needed to connect and tell the broader story and showcase The Bank’s understanding of the complex financial needs of the water systems and. more importantly. those they serve.

Like most industries during COVID-19, all in-person shows were moved to virtual, but we wanted to find a way to engage all those working in the water industry. The “stay at home” show kit did the trick. We provided them with cups (for their tap water, popcorn and candy to make the stay-at-home trade show a little more enjoyable. The brochure gave us the chance to directly link the bank’s financing services and knowledge to the types of water system projects customers are looking for, while telling the bank’s unique story, rich history and deep roots in rural America.