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This effort was part of a complete rebranding we did for VeloDyne. The client wanted to provide its sales representatives with an electronic version of a product brochure that would live on the iPad the company would provide. However, the nature of VeloDyne’s client base posed a few problems.

First off, VeloDyne offers three distinct product lines with multiple products, and the customer for one has little to no interest in the others. We needed flexible, nonlinear navigation, so a standard PDF wouldn’t work. Also, the customers the reps are often in front of run water and wastewater treatment facilities and large industrial plants, so a web- or cloud-based execution was out because we couldn’t rely on having an internet connection.

After an exploration of available technology, we found a workable platform that would turn the digital brochure into an electronic sales kit with links to printable versions of all product data sheets and other support documents. The sales reps can navigate the kit as they wish while having the documents live on their iPad. VeloDyne also knows its salespeople are always working with the most current version because changes are automatically pushed out and each rep’s doc updates anytime they connect their iPad to the internet.

The sales kit itself was designed so that each page serves as a stand-alone ad, which means the overall messaging remains intact regardless of where the viewer starts.