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Wall Graphic

While having lunch at the restaurant with owners Jenny and Jeff, they expressed their surprise and dismay over how many customers were unaware of their story despite it being featured on the entirety of the backside of every menu.

They wanted a new way to get the word out to every single person who visited the restaurant. Looking around the restaurant, we noticed a large wall that would make the perfect canvas for telling their story—and telling it in a big way. Our idea was to create a mural that told the Sazza story and would cover the entire 48′ by 25′ wall.

Using the brand’s established illustration style, we designed a fun and entertaining way to break the Sazza story into quick bites, so people could either get parts and pieces of the larger story or stop and take it all in at once. Either way, visitors get an understanding of what the restaurant is all about in addition to their great-tasting organic food.

We also suggested they take the creation process viral and post the ongoing progress of the mural on their Facebook page. Work on the mural took place at night to avoid disrupting the restaurant during the day. So every morning they posted the latest progress. The strategy effectively got people talking about the mural and drove traffic from people stopping by to check it out.

The response to both the process and the finished artwork has been overwhelming. Sazza has seen a huge spike in business and people’s awareness of the restaurant’s uniqueness and dedication to being earth-friendly has jumped.