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Integrated Campaigns

Ditto Transcripts

Scope of work / industry research, brand strategy, positioning, naming, corporate identity, marketing campaign and website design and development

After 10 years in business, founder and CEO of Denver-based company Transcription Outsourcing felt it was time to revisit his company’s marketing, which prompted him to take a good, hard look at his marketing and the competition. It was clear there wasn’t much difference in them. In fact, they all looked and sounded the same. So he tapped Bianca e Nero for the company’s brand overhaul.

He wasn’t sure what was needed, but as he put it, “nothing was off the table.” He wanted something new and different.

We agreed, it was time for a change. The company was lacking a clear, single-focused marketing message, so we got to work, starting with looking at the industry as a whole, and not surprising, he was right. Every one of his competitors was telling the same story and hanging their hat on speed. But we discovered that wasn’t what the majority of customers were looking for. What mattered most to them was accuracy and security, which was really difficult for the other firms to claim, but not his. That is because his company is 100% human transcribed and based here in the U.S., which means they are more secure, which other companies can’t say because they are either 100% AI transcribed and/or outsource their transcription work to overseas vendors (less secure). Neither are they able to detect the subtle nuances of the English language. Also, they are one of the few transcription companies that will answer the phone and assign a project manager to work with them and address all their needs. So a positioning was born, which in itself is unique for a company of their size.

The core thought that came out of discovery was “transcribe the human way” and led us to a unique concept that was also a differentiator for the company that would be felt across all elements of the marketing.

We renamed the company Ditto and created a brand voice and personality that would really stand out while connecting with potential customers looking for transcription services in five key areas: legal, law enforcement, business/financial, medical and academia/research. Through our new marketing effort, we were able to display a deep understanding of each industry and just how much better human transcribers are.

The campaign we dreamed up compared Ditto and the other companies on the issues that mattered most to customers, “us vs. them” really addressed Ditto and its uniqueness within the industry.

The new name and logo gave us the chance to drive home the thought that what’s on their provided audio file is what they get in the transcribed documents, verbatim. We chose a vibrant color for the corporate identity to again drive home the idea the company’s difference in approach and structure and not at all like the others.

The marketing campaign elements ranged from introduction cards, company brochure, direct mailers (box), customized notebook, hoodies, digital tear sheets and corporate website, all carrying the approachable and likable tone and brand personality.

Results: The company has seen a sharp increase in traffic to their website and closed deals. With the company’s point of difference front and center, it’s easy for customers to see why Ditto is better than the competitors.