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Integrated Campaigns

Lark Security

Branding Campaign

Market research/insight, brand strategy, branding campaign (trade show booth focus)

After spending a substantial amount of their annual operating budget on a next-level security certification, the two owners of Lark Security felt it was time to start marketing the smallish but mighty cybersecurity firm.

When they reached out to Bianca e Nero, they didn’t have a clear strategy or idea what they wanted to do marketing-wise, but knew they desperately needed to attract more clients and quickly to offset the large cash outlay they had spent on the certification.

Once our discovery was completed, a clear strategy began to emerge. We saw an opportunity to shake up the status quo. Rather than spend money on traditional advertising (print ads, banner ads, etc.), let’s go where the clients they hoped to attract will be—trade shows. This would give them the opportunity to spread the word about their firm, meet more potential clients faster while making personal connections they hoped would lead to one-on-one meetings.

To help them stand out from the crowd, we created a campaign that would shine a light on the many cyber dangers businesses face daily, but also wanted to stay clear of the much overused scare tactics many cybersecurity firms use. We would use humor to break the ice and spark conversation with the potential clients, which would be much more approachable.

The concept the agency dreamed up used their logo, which is a bird (lark). He would be the truth teller for the campaign. He would say the hard-hitting truth about how exposed businesses are and just how much businesses overlook the obvious that could help them reduce their risk of a breach, which surprisingly are largely caused by employees, not a barrage of outside attacks.

We wanted the campaign to stand out from the sameness of the endless sea of firms at the shows the client was planning to attend throughout the year. These shows would be the only marketing the firm would do all year, so our campaign needed to arm them with a strong message that would be felt on their trade booth graphics, customized notebooks (giveaways), on-screen graphics that are loops on a large monitor, and also a follow-up thank-you card, all working together to create awareness and address the customers’ needs to prevent breaches.

Results: From the first trade show they attended with the new campaign, interest and meetings with potential clients increased 10%. They are on track to having a banner year.