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Integrated Campaigns

Trailhead Institute

Brand Refresh / Integrated Marketing Campaign

Research, Brand Positioning, Brand Articulation, Brand Strategy, Corporate Brochure and Website Refresh

Trailhead was experiencing many changes at the top that affected the nonprofit organization’s trajectory. As a result, Bianca e Nero was tapped to refresh the brand to best align with the new direction.

After gaining a better understanding of the huge shifts in strategy and focus in the types of work they would be pursuing, we set out to create a branding campaign to capture the new direction. The understanding didn’t come easy. It was the result of many meetings with the executive director, COO and board members as well as those they would be looking to engage and work with. The discovery process took about three months. It was time well spent and uncovered a treasure trove of information.

The most notable change would be making a contentious move from being seen as “doers” to moving forward as “strategic thinkers” in the public health space. They had been doing that type of work for a while, but hadn’t been known for it. .

With the campaign the agency created, we wanted to address the big issues plaguing public health head on and communicate how Trailhead was going to be the thought leader, facilitator and the one organization in Colorado to bring those from all sides together. Trailhead has no political agenda or bias; they simply are here to help get everyone healthy.

Visually, we wanted to tell a simple story, how positive outcomes can result when we all work together and tackle the big issues. The website uses videos to capture people in motion, being active and living a healthy life, with bold thoughts reflecting Trailhead’s impact.

The brand strategy and marketing camping is helping the client to change perceptions about the organization while planting seeds for what they are capable of doing to lead the charge to improve good health for all. They’ve had some really big wins, so the word is not only getting out to those they want to reach, but speaking to those they want to work with, encouraging them to join Trailhead in their quest for healthy outcomes.