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Integrated Campaigns


Integrated Marketing Campaign

The president of VeloDyne reached out for help to more effectively communicate the engineering and performance superiority of their polymer blending and chemical feed systems. While VeloDyne was seen as a leader in their industry, sales reps kept having potential customers ask, “Why should we spend more for VeloDyne products?” The project involved reinventing the VeloDyne brand and included a corporation mission statement, corporate identity, marketing/sales presentation materials, trade show booth and corporate website.

After a close examination of the company, the industry, the competition and VeloDyne’s position in the marketplace, we discovered that VeloDyne systems were superior in their design, which resulted in better performance. But we knew even focusing on VeloDyne’s truly unique, patented blending system wasn’t enough of a story to move the needle.

Instead, we chose to focus on the philosophy and culture within the company that led to systems that routinely outperformed the competition. We highlighted this through VeloDyne’s new mantra: A company driven to deliver the very best polymer blending and chemical feed systems, fueled by constantly asking, “What if?”

The campaign takes this thinking and literally breaks it down into the very smallest parts in VeloDyne’s products so the audience can understand that every piece of a VeloDyne system, even down to individual screws, is carefully considered to provide customers with optimal performance from the system itself and from whatever polymer they might choose to run through it.

To reinforce this we took an executional approach where every page of every deliverable, including the website, the digital brochure and the trade show banners, was treated as a stand-alone ad. This unique approach delivers a complete message every time no matter which page a person sees first. The look and feel of all the materials, along with the new logo and identity, further serve to position VeloDyne as a leader in advanced blending systems and whose products deliver superior results that are worth the higher price.

Results: In an industry where products like VeloDyne’s have traditionally been viewed as a commodity, VeloDyne’s new brand and campaign are serving to reverse that thinking. Even within the first couple of months of its introduction, the campaign played a major role in shifting the way systems are specified in proposals and plant designs. Customers are starting to understand how a superior product like VeloDyne’s can deliver a much lower cost of ownership that far outweighs saving some money on the initial equipment purchase.