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The website is part of a broader rebranding effort, and harnessed the tone and personality set forth by the brand identity that serves a broader purpose helping to build the brand identity. The Ditto redesigned website needed to be an information source for potential customers while being easy to navigate and upload files for current customers, which is paramount for a customer-centric company like Ditto.

Yes, its searchable. Yes, it’s easy to navigate, but most importantly, it strongly communicates the Ditto difference and what sets the company apart from the many other transcription companies out there that are under servicing their customers. It was important we drive our message home. We took extraordinary steps to speak to main industry markets, but the not so obvious ones as well, which is important to show the end-user Ditto’s deep knowledge and understanding of their needs and industries.

The company’s website also needed to serve as a major new business tool for Ditto where a good percentage of new clients find them. Since the rebuild and site launch, inquiries and new clients have seen a major increase.