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Emerge Modern Salon


We created this site as part of a larger brand refresh effort we completed for Emerge Modern Salon. The original site was designed and built by the salon’s owner. After 10 years, she realized it was outdated and didn’t reflect the salon as it is today. She also had a second salon location in the works and wasn’t certain how to wrap it into their website.

By examining all aspects of both salon locations, we were able to incorporate the elements that were common across both locations while embracing each location’s individual staff. This was important because, while each location has its own staff, both share a common Emerge mission and vision.

Everything about the new website reflects the welcoming nature of Emerge as well as the unique creativity and individual nature of each stylist. The site is designed to be clean and easy to use, which mirrors the experience clients have at Emerge. The artistic nature that’s an integral part of the Emerge philosophy is expressed throughout the site. Some ways are obvious, which include the bold, poetic-styled statements used as page headers. Others are more subtle but just as powerful to the overall Emerge brand, such as incorporating the stylized “E” from the logo into the section dividers on each page.