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Evolution Salon


t had been six or seven years since we created the first website for Evolution Salon, and they needed an upgrade in order to embrace today’s content management and online appointment systems. Since we were updating the site’s back end, we took the opportunity to explore the next phase of the brand theme we originally created for the salon: Be Everyday Beautiful.

For the latest iteration of the theme, we conceived of a way to actively challenge people to shake up their daily routine and be open to the new experiences that may result from doing so. We created “Random Acts of Evolution,” and the thought is that something as simple as turning left at a place you normally turn right may expose you to something that may change you, even if it’s just in some small way. Ultimately, we hope people will realize the power and potential of embracing new ways of doing things and new experiences, no matter how innocuous they might seem. This idea fits well with the salon’s philosophy of being more than just a group of people who cut hair—they are actively involved in making a difference in their community and in the lives of others.

From a design standpoint, we continued the salon’s departure from the typical execution of showing people with perfect hairstyles. Instead, we embraced the playfulness that reflects the salon’s staff and also enhances the Random Acts of Evolution idea.