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Gallagher Industries


Gallagher Industries hadn’t touched their website for at least 10 years, and they were looking to modernize their brand, a move that was being fueled by a shift in the firm’s internal structure. This provided the perfect opportunity for us to bring more of the Gallagher investment philosophy into the website.

During our information gathering, it became clear Gallagher was spot on with their business philosophy of partnering with entrepreneurs to help them further grow their established business. Gallagher built an investment model where they provided entrepreneurs with more than just an influx of capital—they became strategic partners with a personal interest in helping the business grow organically. This interest is driven by their only investing with family and firm money and not that of outside investors. Our challenge became finding the most honest way to tell this story.

The site concept and copy takes the idea that creating business success is a journey involving a series of goals, and it communicates Gallagher’s model of investing that embraces the vision of the business owner.