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Human Services Network of Colorado


The campaign was developed around the believers … a nod to the selfless work they do, letting them know we support them with their ongoing needs for keeping their skills sharp and current with accessible in-person and online training. To tell the bigger story on the website we created the believers poem-type intro that sets the stage for who we are talking to and how we see them. Overall, those working in human services don’t spend a great deal of time online, so we wanted to consolidate the site, reduced the number of pages, streamlined the message and made learning about the organization easy to find and joining even easier with boxes showcasing the upcoming events. All parts of the site can be viewed in a matter of minutes compared to the older site that was cumbersome, difficult to navigate and to find the events and join pages.

We also wanted the campaign to show the wide range of people working in the human services field, so we created the many faces of the industry, the ages, the diversity, etc. We speak to their selflessness in a real and authentic way. All the campaign elements are infused with that thinking.