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Officer Safety First Program from Laser Technology Inc. (LTI)


Officer Safety First is a joint effort between a longtime client, Laser Technology (LTI), and a group of nonprofit organizations committed to protecting the lives of police officers and other first responders. LTI came to us looking to create a website that would aggregate useful safety information from these other various sites. They wanted to help these organizations extend their reach by giving police officers and first responders a single starting point for finding safety information.

From our research, we learned that this market doesn’t want to feel like they are being given a safety lecture. We took this input and built a site that was simple yet bold in its design and its messaging. The color palette parallels the colors officers and first responders relate to safety.

The site includes a feed with links to current incident reports and articles, and provides links to each of the participating nonprofit’s sites. These features help visitors to the site get a quick overview of available safety resources and allows them to dig deeper for more detail.

As dividers between partner sections, we included individual safety tips that officers and first responders can implement immediately. To help these connect with our audience, the tone of each is straightforward with a bit of attitude—much the way they talk to one another on the job.