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This effort was part of a complete rebranding we did for VeloDyne. The company had established itself as an industry leader in polymer blending and chemical feed systems; however, the products it manufactured were a smaller piece of much larger systems for water and wastewater treatment. As a result, even a patented system that no other competitor offered wasn’t enough to separate VeloDyne from being viewed as a commodity usually selected based on price, not performance.

To help break through this perception, we decided to position VeloDyne as: A company driven to deliver the very best polymer blending and chemical feed systems, fueled by constantly asking, “What if?”

To support this position, we created a website that goes beyond just providing the expected bits of information about the company and its products. Instead, each page serves as a stand-alone ad that illustrates how every piece of a VeloDyne system, even down to individual screws, is carefully scrutinized to provide optimal performance from the system and from whatever polymer might be run through it.