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Logos And Identity Systems


Naming, Logo + Identity System

When the South American consultant firm that focuses mainly on community engagement and water projects started their search for a North American agency to help them brand the firm, they reached out to Bianca e Nero to meet the growing need and opportunities that were coming their way. During our early conversations, it was discovered in the last few years the Ecuadorian government put forth policy that any outside company looking to do business in mining or engineering needed to have a local partner, which answered our burning question as to why they were reaching outside the country for an agency.

To meet those growing opportunities, the firm needed to rebrand to better differentiate it from other firms. They selected Bianca e Nero to handle the effort. We knew from the outset this project would have more challenges than most since their core target audiences would be made up of larger mining firms based in Canada and North America that speak English not Spanish. We felt confident we could create a brand that would connect with their core audiences.

We presented a bunch of names, one being Flow that the client loved. Because of the nod to water and its fluidity, it was a natural fit and jumped out at them immediately. With the logo exploration we explored logos with a deeper meaning that would connect them to their purpose. The seed of life design was selected; the universal symbol for creation really connected with the client. For the color palette we explored many colors but landed on a combination of grey, blue and orange; the splash of color is unexpected. We rounded the identity system out with a digital letterhead and business cards. We also created a manifesto to help cement the firm’s philosophy, further defining why the firm exists given the nontraditional name for a firm like theirs in Ecuador.