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Logos And Identity Systems

Officer Safety First Program from Laser Technology Inc. (LTI)


LTI had developed an idea for a program to help centralize the efforts of various nonprofit organizations around the country that were focused on reducing the number of police officers and first responders killed in traffic-related incidents. As part of our helping develop the look and feel of the program website and campaign, we created a logo mark that embraces what the program is all about.

We wanted to tie the logo into something familiar to them. The name tag and hat elements were a perfect fit. Adding the speech box is an invitation that says, “Let’s start a conversation,” which is one of the major issues with officers—they don’t talk much about safety amongst themselves. The result is a logo that is as unique and interesting as the idea behind the program itself.

In addition to using it on the website and marketing campaign, we turned the logo into a patch that is given to any officer who joins the movement. Our hope is that they will attach the patch to a jacket or bag and get asked about Officer Safety First by others who see it.