Branding, positioning, ID system, marketing materials and business strategy

Wax in the City is a salon specializing in body waxing. This is all they do, and as a result, they do it better than anyone else. What separates them from their competition is that they don’t treat waxing like an afterthought—they treat it like a science and an art form. We built materials around that notion. We created a new logo and a series of fun and impactful postcards allowing the salon to be in constant communication with customers. The postcards are meant to build the brand aggressively and proactively through a well-focused and executed communications strategy. We steered the client away from traditional newspaper or magazine ads because we felt this would make the brand too common and unable to effectively stand out. We also coined a special job title for them of “cerologist,” from the Latin word wax, further building on the expertise that differentiates Wax in the City from all other salons.

We also proposed some event-driven marketing solutions, like having lunchtime wax treatments we named “nooners,” where women could get waxed and grab some lunch provided by the salon all for $20, and they could get in and out in under 30 minutes. This marketing idea was geared to have an immediate impact on the business. Additionally, instead of a traditional letter set package (business cards, letterhead and printed envelopes), we proposed the owners individualize every piece of communication that leaves the salon. Our recommendation was to have everything handwritten for a personal touch, like the services they provide.