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Officer Safety First Program from Laser Technology Inc. (LTI)

Brand Definition / Advertising

LTI is the pioneer in laser speed detection and laser sensors for police and other first responders. Through years of work with these audiences, LTI became aware that every year, officers die in preventable road incidents, and that the nonprofits working to solve the problem are fragmented and working independently.

The company decided to create Officer Safety First as a single website for general safety tips and a centralized source for information from the various other sites of organizations working to protect police and first responders. They asked us if we would help with the awareness campaign, and we were happy to be a part of such a fantastic effort.

We didn’t have a lot of knowledge about the target beyond what we’ve seen on TV series. We knew that wouldn’t suffice, so we went right to the source. We talked with some people who made protecting the public their career. Our research helped us see that this is a tough audience whose jobs are tough. They deal with real life in very real ways, which we chose to embrace in our campaign.

The campaign we created to generate awareness of the Officer Safety First program reflects the nature of how officers approach their own work and their peers—straightforward and with a bit of attitude. Each ad provides a single tip that officers and first responders can implement immediately. We then drive them to the Officer Safety First website for further tips and access to potentially lifesaving resources.

In the short time the campaign has been out, it has driven consistent traffic to the Officer Safety First website. The partners listed on the site have also reported a bump in visits, which includes solid click-through traffic from the Officer Safety First site.