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Logos And Identity Systems


Logo and Identity System

As part of a recently developed growth plan, VeloDyne was looking for a brand clarification that would help separate the company from its competitors. All aspects of the identity were fair game, including the name. After an in-depth examination of the VeloDyne brand, we felt there was strong enough equity in the existing name to keep it; however, the look and feel of the original logo, developed over a decade before, could definitely use an update.

In creating a more modern logo for the company, we wanted to embrace the company’s roots, which is the design and manufacturing of polymer mixing systems for water and wastewater management. This was achieved through the incorporation of the water droplet into the VeloDyne name. The solid typeface and color palette create a more modern look that still fits the substantial industrial nature of the products VeloDyne produces. The water droplet can also be broken out and used on its own as a logo mark on ball caps, golf shirts and schwag that are typical elements of the VeloDyne trade show experience.